18 Inch RGB Multicolor Ring Light with Tripod Stand & iPad Holder

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  • [RGB Ring Light] - This ring light has the RGB mode, besides being used as a photography light, this 18-inch ringlight can also provide you the lights in a variety of colors, and you can freely adjust the brightness and lighting effects; Except proving stable and bright light, it also has the dynamic lighting effects that the colors of the light can regularly switch and flash to make the lighting effects more fantastic
  • [Music Sync Ring Light for the home party ] - It has achieved the music sync function; If you use the ring light in the music sync mode in a room with music playing, the brightness and color of the light will vary by following the rhythm of the music; This feature is widely used by people for hosting parties at home, you don't have to go to a club, you can get the same lighting effect at home
  • [Other Features of the Ring Light] - The ring light comes with three phone holders, one iPad holder, and one camera hot shoe, no matter what device you use for taking videos, photos, this ring light will always meet your requirement; There're two USB interfaces at the back of the circle lamp, which can be used for recharging your phone; If you're a live streamer, this will help you to do a live stream for a long time without worrying about phone batteries running down
  • [Ring Light Tripod and Remote Controller] - This ring light kit uses a professional photography tripod, it's sturdy and durable, the max height can reach to 93.7 inches; The pedestal of the tripod adopts double triangular structure, it will effectively improve the sturdiness and durability of the tripod; The ring light has a remote controller that needs 2 pcs of AAA batteries, and the batteries are not included in the package

The size of the ring light is 18 inches, it's big and professional for taking photos and videos. The brightness and color temperature can be freely adjusted, so you can always get the perfect lighting effect for your scene

music sync rgb light

This RGB ring light has the music sync feature. Besides providing colorful lights for photo and video shooting, the music sync mode can let the light automatically flash and switch colors by following the rhythm of the music that's played around the light. It becomes a good choice as a mood light for party

sturdy tripod

Pressing and rotating the knobs can switch the lighting effects

The tripod comes with the ring light is a professional photography tripod, it adopts a reverse-folding design, which makes the structure sturdier when it's extended. It has a standard 1/4 interface, so you can place your camera on it and use it as a camera tripod

ring light components

The 18 inches ring light kit consists of following items:

18-inch LED Ring Light * 1

Tripod * 1

Remote Controller * 1

Phone Holder * 3

iPad Holder * 1